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Epson Scara T3 Series

Capable entry-level robot
Entry level need not mean basic, with an affordable but versatile SCARA robot.
The entry-level model in our comprehensive SCARA product range, the compact and versatile T3-Series is ideal for simple pick-and-place applications and in areas where linear systems were previously used.

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Epson SCARA T3 Series

Compact high performance

A powerful four-axis robot with integrated controller and diverse connection possibilities, capable of payloads up to 3kg and a standard cycle time of 0.54 seconds. The Epson T3 series also supports image-processing, integration of external software and the option to design a custom user interface.

Accuracy you can count on

T3-Series robots offer a repeatability of just 0.02 mm, making them ideal for simple pick-and-place applications, part feeding, positioning and inspection tasks, assembly tasks, including those supported by the Epson Vision System, as well as material coating at moderate speed.

Outstanding versatility

SCARA T3-Series robots are used in a huge range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.



Development Environment


Programming Language
Epson SPEL+ (multitasking possible)
Hardware Options

Fieldbus I/O master (DeviceNet, Profi bus, Ethernet/IP, 1 additional card each possible), Teach pendant, operator pendant

Software Options
Code Reading (OCR recognition), External Control Point Motion (ECP), GUI Builder 7.0, RC+ API 7.0, Vision Guide 7.0
 nom. 1 kg, max. 3 kg
Reach horizontal
 400 mm
Reach Vertical
 J3: 150 mm
Reach Orientation
 J4: +/- 360 °
Repeatability Horizontal
+/- 0.02 mm
Repeatability Vertical
 J3: +/- 0.02 mm
Max. range of operation
 J1: +/- 132 °, J2: +/- 141 °, J3: 150 mm, J4: +/- 360 °
Repeatability Orientation
 J4: +/- 0.02 °
Max. range of operation
 J1: +/- 132 °, J2: +/- 141 °, J3: 150 mm, J4: +/- 360 °
Max. Operating Speed
 J1,J2: +/- 3,700 mm/s, J3: +/- 1,000 mm/s, J4: +/- 2,600 °/s
Moment of Inertia
 nom. 0.003 kg*m², max. 0.01 kg*m²
User Wires Electric
 1x D-Sub 15 pin, 1x 9 pin round shape
User Wires Pneumatic
3x (1x4mm Ø & 2x6mm Ø)
Insertion force
 89 N
Product weight
16 kg
 Controller built in
Mounting option
What's in the box
Connector for standard I/O, Epson RC+ program CD including simulation software, Epson robot (Controller built in), Installation/safety manual, TP/OP bypass plug (installed before shipment), USB cable, User manual (CD)
Power and signal cable
Hi-Speed USB – compatible with USB 2.0 specification, USB 3.0, Wired Network, 18/12 Standard E/A Channels