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Rg2-ft – Smart Robot Gripper With In-built Force/torque And Proximity Sensor

  • Accurate sensing improves production quality by reducing defect rates as much as 60% in delicate pick-and-place processes
  • Easy-to-program sensing allows robot to act like an operator’s third arm, with human-like part hand-offs.
  • Ability to automate insertion tasks that weren’t previously possible, reducing operation costs by 40%

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Why RG2-FT Gripper?

The RG2-FT is a state-of-the-art gripper with added sensing and intelligence. It has built-in force/torque and proximity sensor providing very precise automation. This enables true collaboration with human operators, supporting them like a co-worker would. Insertion processes can be achieved faster and more precise. This gripper can easily insert pins for instance, where humans would struggle. Due to the advanced sensor technology, during assembly the gripper gives the robot the ability to feel when the part has been mounted correctly. RG2-FT offers high productivity, fast deployment saving engineering hours on integration.

Precise Gripper For Automation

Gives the robot the ability to feel like a human hand

Faster And Better Quality Production

Due to sensing capabilities, it produces better quality faster

Lower Operating Cost

ROI – payback in less than 1 year

RG2-FT’s advantages and features

RG2-FT is a unique version of the RG series with integrated force/torque sensors and a proximity sensor at the fingertips, enabling you to accurately detect the position of objects.This is a state-of-the-art gripper with an enhanced sensing ability and added intelligence, capable of controlling the robot and itself to achieve what the operator would like it to do, even when the exact parameters cannot be programmed in advance.
This enables true collaboration with human operators, supporting them like a co-worker would and ensuring precision handling hour after hour.

Sophisticated Techology

The world’s first robot gripper that can detect objects using built-in force/torque and proximity sensors to ensure ultra-secure handling.

Integrated Software

The gripper comes with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.

Customizable Fingertips

The gripper can handle objects of various size and shape.

Ideal For Fragile Material Handling

Due to the sensitive gripping, this gripper is ideal for handling fragile materials.

Grip Indications

Automatic “lost grip detection”, “grip detected”, “continuous grip” and “measure width” detections remove the need for manually programming these features.

Detects Workpiece

The RG2-FT can accurately detect the position of objects. It detects the risk of slipping before it happens, improving production quality with accurate sensing..