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Color 3D scanner of super-small dimensions, which can be taken everywhere and used to 3D scanning by connecting to a smartphone. Professional scanning quality at a budget price.

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Revopoint POP 2 Pocket 3D Scanner


The Revopoint POP 2 Pocket 3D Scanner is an affordable super-small device that you can take with anywhere and scan with your smartphone. Connecting professional grade 3D scanning with true affordability.

Revopoint POP 2 uses both binocular and microstructured light technologies. Thanks to this and Revopoint’s patented micro-projection chip, POP 2 quickly creates a highly accurate 3D point cloud. At the same time, one frame accuracy reaches 0.05 mm, which is a good professional result. The intelligent algorithms of the high-performance 3D calculation chip built into POP 2 effectively ensure speed and performance during 3D scanning.

Revopoint POP 2 is designed as a budget 3D scanner for all those who are fond of gadgets and high technology in general.

Main features of POP 2


  • Small size, easy one-button operation.
  • Binocular microstructured light technology.
  • Professional 3D scanning at a consumer level price.
  • High precision up to 0.05 mm.
  • Fast scanning 10 fps.
  • Excellent color capture.
  • 2-in-1 versatility.
  • Eye safe.
  • Simple software.

Application of Pocket POP 2


POP 2 is easy to carry around. With its lightweight of 195 g, small dimensions of 155×38×26 mm, convenient tripod and color reading capability, it is ideal as a portable instrument for making 3D copies of small and large objects, human body scanning, sculptures, cultural and creative design applications, medical applications and reverse modeling, etc.


Professional quality scanning with Revopoint POP 2


As a rule, high-precision 3D scanners are expensive and intended for highly specialized users, which makes these devices unavailable and unsuitable for the consumer market. What sets POP 2 apart is its consumer-grade pricing, yet the high-quality, professional-grade accuracy. This is the only 3D scanner of its kind available in this price range.


Pocket 3D Scanner POP 2 Color Affordable Professional Level

Learn more about Revopoint POP 2

Binocular microstructured light


The technology applied in POP 2 uses the principle of binocular and micro structured light. Using a patented micro-projection chip, POP 2 ensures that the fast acquisition of 3D point cloud data is highly accurate, and the maximum single frame accuracy reaches 0.05mm.

High accuracy


High 3D scanning accuracy up to 0.05 mm with a resolution of 0.15 mm.

The Revopoint POP 2 pocket 3D scanner is equipped with an upgraded projector and high resolution infrared cameras. An advanced high-precision calibration method ensures that POP 2 achieves professional-level accuracy of up to 0.05mm and cloud point spacing of 0.15 mm. This allows POP 2 to create 3D models with greater detail and greater dimensional accuracy.

Flawless scanning


A 10 fps scan frame rate and a 6 DOF gyroscope allow POP 2 to improve workflow and shape by positioning on marker points and object color characteristics.


What makes Revopoint POP 2 stand out?

Incredible color reproduction


With a high-resolution global exposure sensor, hardware-triggered depth camera synchronization, POP 2 can directly create vivid 3D models for 3D animation, 3D color printing, etc. It can be used directly in AR and VR.

2-in-1 versatility


POP 2 scans in two modes: Manual Scanning and Fixed Scanning on a tripod with a turntable.

Ease of use and compactness


Conventional 3D scanners are heavy, bulky, power-hungry, and constantly tangled in multiple cables. With POP 2 you will get a different user experience. It has only 1 cable for both charging and connecting to gadgets. It can be directly connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop for easy 3D scanning.

The scanner is equipped with a 5000mAh Power Bank, so you can easily scan with your phone for a long time.

Lightweight and portable, the POP 2 comes with a dedicated carrying case that holds the scanner and all accessories.


Lightweight and affordable color 3D scanner Revopoint POP 2

Designed especially for you


If you are into gadgets and high tech in general, the latest Revopoint POP 2 3D scanner is definitely created for you. If you’re an avid 3D print maker, VR/AR model maker, or if your creative work involves using reverse design, then this feature-packed 3D scanner is exactly what you need.



Type Portable
Light Source Infrared laser. Dual binocular camera and micro-structured light
Single capture range (mm) 210 × 130
Working distance (mm) 150 – 400
Color scanning Yes
Scan mode Manual, Fixed on a turntable, High precision, Fast
Minimum scan volume (mm) min 20 × 20 × 20
Scan speed (fps) Until 10
Scanning accuracy (mm) Up to 0.050
Measurement resolution (mm) Up to 0.050
Laser class CLASS I (safe for eyes)
Positioning methods By surface features, markings and color
Supported file types PLY, OBJ, STL
Connection Wi-Fi & Bluetooth – 2.4GHz, Micro USB
System requirements Windows 8\10, 64-bit, Android, iOS, MAC
Net weight (kg) 0.195
Dimensions (net) (mm) 155 × 38 × 26
Warranty period (months) 12